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Financial Literacy Course 

We are pleased to offer Financial Literacy Seminars for young adults. 


Young investors have the potential to be the most successful investors due to one simple fact: they have more TIME.  Why is time so important?  It allows you to reap the long term benefits of investing early through compounding.  The best vehicle to take advantage of this compounding is through a ROTH IRA. The money you invest in a ROTH account grows tax-free for the rest of your life. Are you ready to start making money now?

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  • Discuss the empowerment that comes from making your own money

  • Learn about the importance of investing while young (leveraging your number one asset: TIME)

  • Learn that buying stocks is not as confusing as it seems

  • Learn about a ROTH IRA


  • Discuss specific stocks as potential investments

  • Learn how to make online transactions to manage your own portfolio

  • Track the power of your money growing over time

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Financial Literacy Course Series:
The Fountain of Youth (Investing in a Roth IRA)


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