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Our Team

Every child is unique. Each child possesses his or her own skills, talents, and challenges. At W-S Tutoring, we believe students can reach their full potential with personalized and small-group instruction that instills confidence, character, and a lifelong love of learning. We offer unmatched experience and excellent results from the SAT and ACT tests. Collectively, We have acquired over 30 years of teaching experience where we have worked with a large variety and number of students.


Bita Salem is a dedicated and passionate teacher with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science who specializes in all levels of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Rather than simply lecturing her students, her method of teaching is geared toward allowing them to find joy in understanding the subject.  As a former director of the Summit School tutoring program, she has vast experience in teaching students of all ages to prepare for college. Bita's extensive math and computer science background is not the only thing that she brings to her students. Her warm attitude and gift for explaining complex subjects in ways that students understand, are her specialties. Bita's students not only have a highly knowledgeable tutor but a mentor and empathetic friend who knows how to speak their language. Bita is also a yoga and meditation teacher! 

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson is known by many as “The Math Whisperer.”  Having tutored mathematics professionally for nearly twenty years, Thomas has the unique ability to adapt to the individual learning styles of his various students.  His experience runs the complete gamut from elementary school math through the college level. He specializes in instructing AP level math courses as well as standardized test preparation.  When he is not tutoring, Thomas spends his free time running and biking, and is an avid student of the financial markets.  Thomas's passion is to create a financial literacy program for high school students as a way of connecting mathematics to real world scenarios.

Rosemary McCarthy

Rosemary McCarthy has truly been inspired by her students with multiple learning styles over the past twelve years. She possesses a varied background in arts management and healthcare administration, and currently works at Wake Forest University. Rosemary specializes in tutoring SAT and ACT test prep, in addition to assisting with any and all types of essay writing. Providing confidence to students who are navigating the terrain of standardized testing is an essential component of her educational approach. 

Sarah Mcauley

Sarah McAuley is an experienced tutor and academic coach with a passion for assisting students in developing the confidence and skills necessary to reach optimum potential in English language-based courses. She has Orton-Gillingham training and has done much study on writing instruction methods, and is focused on teaching the imperative writing skills students must have to succeed. Sarah prides herself in tailoring her sessions to meet each student's unique needs and learning style. Having the ability to earn each student's trust quickly combined with her caring demeanor enables Sarah to connect easily with all types of students. When she gets time away from tutoring, Sarah likes spending time outdoors with friends and family. Reading, cooking, working out and walking her two beloved rescue dogs are also her interests.

Melissa Pashayan

Dr. Melissa Pashayan earned her PhD in physics at Wake Forest University. She is an experienced science and mathematics tutor and can tutor all levels of physics (high school and college), introductory chemistry (high school and physics), and mathematics (high school through college, including differential equations, real analysis, and linear algebra). She has worked with students at all skill levels and is experiences with accommodating learning disabilities. Melissa strongly believes that everyone can learn science and math given the right teacher, and hopes to pass on her love of learning to her students.
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