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Celebrating Student Success

I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for three years as she was training in Charlotte, NC with Swim MAC.  This impressive young woman has been an inspiration to many!  She has set the gold (and silver) medal standard, just as we constantly strive for at W-S Tutoring.

 -Thomas Wilson
Kathleen Baker 
Pictured here in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics having won an individual silver medal in the 100m backstroke.
"As a mom, I get into these reminiscing modes and think about all the people who helped my son get to this point and hopefully it goes without saying, you are one of those people for Jake (and were for Hannah as well).  You shared a confidence in him that allowed him to grow his own.  You respected him and his abilities.  You related to him in a way that he wasn’t finding in the classroom.  In one session, you could teach him what he didn’t get in several days of classes…or those videos.  Quite simply, you helped him on so many levels.  From a parent perspective, you rolled with crazy schedules and last minute cries for help.  You didn’t miss an opportunity to make time for him and for that I am so very thankful.
The impact you made on Jacob is undeniable…not just in his test scores and class grades…but your confidence in and reassurance of him were true gifts because once he had those, the rest just fell into place."

- Katherine J. (Mom of student of class of 2017)

College Student
Happy Portrait

Mrs. Salem, 

Thank you so much for being such a dedicated tutor to me during high school. I truly would not have been able to survive my math classes without you and am so thankful for everything you did for me, not only as a tutor but as a mentor as well. You have been the best role model to me and have shown me patience and grace. I hope we continue to stay in touch beyond high school! 

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