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W-S Tutoring is a leader in private tutoring for the SAT and ACT. Students have three options from which to choose:


  • Class series 

  • Weekly Prep 

  • Power Session 

  • One-on-one instruction


Our Class Series is completely tailored to the needs of our students and is designed to deliver the most comprehensive, effective and engaging SAT/ACT preparation available.  Most Series are held over a four-week period and offer a total of 16 hours of test preparation.  The Weekly Prep option is an excellent way for students to get weekly practice.  Anyone is welcome to drop in for a session.  For those students who are pressed for time, the Power Session is an excellent option.  Usually held the Saturday before a test (10 am to 3 pm with lunch provided), the Power Session provides last minute preparation to solidify concepts that will appear on test day. The 1-on-1 option provides specific instruction that is tailored to individual needs.  Most students use this option to fine-tune their skills in weaker areas.  Students can choose to focus equally on all areas of the SAT/ACT or concentrate on a particular area of weakness. Our sessions are customized to the individual learning needs of our students and are designed to maximize test-taking techniques and scores.


  • SAT Critical Reading

  • SAT Writing + Language 

  • SAT Essay Instruction

  • ACT Reading 

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